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Makericks3D M Snap

The M Snap is a novel Brompton M or H bar type handlebar add-on accessory. It snaps on and off the handlebar, giving you more room to mount your handphone, lights, trip computers and other accessories. No screws or cable ties* needed. It is easy to use, lightweight and durable.

We've tested it on over 3000km of rides on roads, pavements, bumps, drain tiles, slopes etc, use with confidence!

Premium M Snap in carbon fiber grey, our lightest and most durable model sits at only 27g (possibly the lightest bridge in the market), is only available on this website.

*We've recently launched M Snap X, M Snap that comes with slots for reusable cable ties, for users who prefer to fix M Snap more permanently onto their handlebar yet retain the flexibility to snap off when they require. The slots uniquely allow excess cable tails to be tucked in and hidden within the M Snap.

Key Features of the M Snap



M Snap Performance and Quality