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Sand Stopper for Brompton T Line | Premium Protection for your Bicycle Inner Frame

Sand Stopper for Brompton T Line | Premium Protection for your Bicycle Inner Frame

usage video of Sand Stopper for Brompton T Line

Say goodbye to sand and debris infiltrating your Brompton T Line's inner frame with our straightforward solution – the Sand Stopper. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, this stopper prevents abrasive particles from entering your bike, saving you money in maintenance, and time in cleaning your bike.

Why get the Sand Stopper?

✔ protects your inner frame from abrasive particles that can damage your bike, saving you money on maintenance and repairs

✔ prevents sand and dirt from entering your bike in difficult to reach places, saving you time on cleaning your bike

✔ intuitive design that is easy to insert and remove, yet stays secure in place

✔ compatible with M Store for T Line, premium inner frame storage made for T line

✔ highly durable material that is flexible and resistance to tears and abrasion

 ✔ Put to test by real cyclists, as featured on YouTube

 Your Brompton T Line deserves the best – give it the protection it needs with the Sand Stopper. Ride on, worry-free!



TPU, a flexible and durable material with high resistance to tears and abrasions. It is also biodegradable. Lets save our planet!



For stated bike stock frame only.


1. Ensure M logo is right side up. Fold the handle down and insert it side ways

2. Straighten it by pulling the handle towards you. This also tightens the seal.

3. To remove, gently push it inward and remove it sideways

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