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M Stop for Brompton

M Stop for Brompton

Makericks3D M Stop

Do you wish you can have the P/T Line mid-stop disc feature on your A & C line? Now you can!

The M Stop has been custom designed to fit various Brompton types, enabling users to conveniently fold and roll their bikes with the seat post extended.

Specially for Type E Brompton (no mudguards and no rack), it contains additional feature of helping to balance the bike so it does not tilt to the side, preventing your bike from falling easily, saving you from heartache and damage repairs.

The M Stop has been tested on touring rides and does not get dislodged easily on bumpy rides.


Why get the M Stop?

✔  Push or carry your Brompton with your seatpost up. No more troublesome velcro straps!

✔ Easy to insert and remove, yet stays secure even on bumpiest rides, tested by cyclists

✔ Intuitive design helps you know how far down your seatpost needs to go to locking position, so you do not need to keep bending down to check

✔ highly durable rubberized material that is resistance to wear and tear, and does not crack or damage your seatpost with successive impact

✔ Bonus feature to help balance your bike if you are on a Type E (no mudguard, no rack)



We have the new Type V2 that caters  to Brompton L models with mini rack, such as those offered by 3rd party brands like Ti-Parts or H&H.

Type V2 is also well-suited for those on R and L type model, but planning future rack modifications while retaining the mudguard.

It is important to note that, for this purpose, allowing the M Stop to conform to the shape of your seat post will be necessary. Initially, some resistance may be experienced, but over time, the fit will naturally improve.

For those who prefer an immediate and seamless fit, we recommend opting for the respective standard types (L,R).


Made in high quality polyurethane and printed to exact precision as tested on multiple brompton bicycle types.

Beware of imitations in the market that make this in plastic. The plastic copies will crack over time from successive striking by the metal seat post, and may also damage your seat post over time.



When you push your seat post down, you should feel alittle "resistance", indicating the bike fold locking position. Continue to push it for approximately another 3 cm and you should go past the "resistance".

This resistance feature is designed to help you to know when your seat post is slightly beyond the M Stop without having to bend down to check. You can now push or carry your bike with the seat post up.

Please ensure your bike is fully folded before pushing down seat post. Do also ensure that types are pumped up to the recommended psi.

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Singapore Singapore

Very well thought out product

Bought two different M-Stops for two different C-Lines.. As described, the M-Stop does its job very well. Once the seatpost is locked in properly, my bike does not unfold while rolling, no matter how much I try to shake it. When fully folded, it’s no longer wobbly. Alice did an amazing job here with this product. I am very pleased to recommend it to all Brompton C-Line owners. ��

Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

M snap bar

Customised M snap bar was nicely fitted n sturdy.Satisfactory n highly recommended.

Makericks3D M Stop for Brompton Review