The Sand Stopper

    The Sand Stopper prevents dirty and abrasive particles from entering your bicycle inner frame, saving you money in maintenance/repairs, and time in cleaning your bike. Give your bike the protection it deserves!

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    T Line Premium M Snap X

    Finally, the first ever M Snap X for T Line is here, with the same popular features as our precedessor for P and C line! Snap on and off with ease, yet highly secured!

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    M Store for T Line

    A bespoke hidden storage made for the most premium and sophisticated bike Brompton has ever made. The first frame storage for T Line in the world. Be the first to own it.

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      M Sleeve (ACPT)

      We have improved on the stock Brompton sleeve with a better material and groove patterns to make it grip better, and topped it with a taper roof to prevent dust and water from entering the frame. Suitable for carbon and titanium seatposts!

      Version 2 comes with added features to better resist twist and turns!


      M Stop (AC Line)

      Don't we love the new mid stop disc on P and T Line? Now you can have it too on your Brompton C and A line. Made to precision and in tough rubberised material, our M Stop now allows you to push and carry your bike with seatpost up. No filing required and fits snugly on our bike!

      Now with V2 model that is suitable for use with 3rd party mini racks e.g.H&H, Ti Parts

      makericks3d T line Peak Design Carbon Mount

      Peak Design Phone Mount (T Line)

      Say goodbye to bulky phone holders and hello to a neat setup on your bike, while having your phone within reach while on the go. Upgrade your cycling experience with our Carbon Metal Mount made compatible for Peak Design - the first of its kind for T line.

      Now upgraded with 3d printed metal. Experience the future of 3d print with us!

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        M Strap (all bikes)

        A durable, quick-release solution for effortlessly accessing your bag from your front block carrier. Made longer and lighter than standard straps (suitable for T line with bigger frame), the M Strap reduces unnecessary weight without sacrificing function. Crafted in water and abrasion resistant material, it is low maintenance while able to withstand rigors of daily use.

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        M Cap, Pedal Holder Protector

        Dust, rain, mud, and other debris can damage your bike's pedal holder but have no fear, our M cap is here! A must-have for anyone who values longevity of their bike.

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        Frame Bolts (all bikes)

        Where functionality meets flair! Made with industrial-grade material, these frame bolts not only serve a practical purpose to prevent dirt from entering your frame, but also to elevate the style quotient of your foldable bike. Choose your favourite symbols to represent your message.

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        • M Spring

          A life changing tool if you are riding a tri-fold bicycle. This little contraption prevents hinge plate misalignment by stopping the rotation of the clamp plate, making folding & unfolding easy! It also protects your hinge from scratches from your clamp plate.

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        • M Snap

          An ingenious lightweight M or H handlebar bridge that snaps on in seconds and gives you more room to mount your handphone, lights, trip computers and other accessories. It does not require any screws or cable ties so you can install and remove it with ease.

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